Sunday, July 1, 2007

Any Comment about Vista?

Finally, this is my last post for Vista's discussion. I can conclude that Vista is not so stable because lots of Vista user still complaining about it. But we don't know in the future when the Service Pack come out which predicted that will come out in January 2008. Who know Vista will be better and more user friendly? What do you think? I hope you all can give your comment for Vista, if Microsoft find out my blog maybe they can read all your comment about Vista and make improvement for Vista (do you think they have time to read my blog?)..

Thanks everybody. Thanks for all your comment about my blog even though it's quite hard to satisfy all of your requirement but i have tried my best and I learn a lot from this blog (especially that user's requirement is always changes and impossible to cover up all the requirement)..

Ok, time to say goodbye.. Have a nice Vista Day! Vista "Easier, Safer and Entertain"


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