Saturday, June 16, 2007

Windows SideShow

Sometimes we will feel quite lazy to turn the PC or laptop on to double check our mail, organizer, or just want to show friends of us some pictures when we just shut it down. Actually it's not advised to turn the PC or laptop on before 5 seconds, so users have to wait 5seconds to turn it on and another 20-30 seconds for it to loads and after that just check a mail and turn it off again. Such a wasting of time right? Then you will think why can't your OS just let you read the mail without wasting few minutes time for it to load and shut down again, won't you? I think you should try this awesome feature of Windows Vista, Windows SideShow.

Windows SideShow is a feature in Vista which enable users to read their mail or view some media files. This SideShow actually have a connection with Windows SideBar's gadget that mentioned in the post earlier, SideShow can perform the gadget which managed through the control panel without have to wait for OS to load. This feature not only can be viewed in laptop or PC but also other devices that can connect to it. For instance, phone, photo frame, media remote control and so on. Unfortunately, now limited numbers of product compatible for it but in the future all will compete to support Windows SideShow!

Windows Vista??? "Easier, Safer and Entertained!!!!"
What do you think about it? Cool?

SideView in Photo frame picture

SideShow in photo frame

SideView in Laptop


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