Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hot news!! Before I start the discussion today, I want to share some good news for Vista user! Vista is keep upgrading the feature and the latest is on 22nd of June 2007, user will be able to use SD(Secure Digital) card for their ReadyBoost Memory which I discussed last time and this SD can support up to 8GB!!! So, you can have memory more than 8GB! Amazing? Yeah, Vista is amazing! So, stay up to date..

For some reason sometimes one PC have to serve different kind of users and different kind of language needs. For example in cybercafe, the owner may has to serve different kind of language users, some of them maybe need Chinese version of OS or Japanese and so on. With Windows Vista the owner of the cybercafe can install more than one language to the OS and it will change the language when it logged on to different user or maybe for you that want to learn other language. So, feel the ease of using Vista!

(note: sorry for shorter post. I have to study for my test tomorrow! (:p) )

I will share some wallpaper for you all! (This is just a joke, not mean to offense any party..)


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