Friday, June 15, 2007

Windows Media Center Extender and Music

Ever faced problem that u can’t find the song in your playlist that reach thousands? Feel lazy to type the song title, singer or even you forget the title or singer? With Windows Vista’s Media Center, it can manage the playlist for you. You can sort it by singer, album, year of production, genre. So it’s easier for you whose songs are thousands.

Besides managing music, of course as a music mania you like to listen to the radio which gives preview about new songs. Media Center also allows you to tune to the radio through the Internet and there are lots of radio stations provided through Internet and of course you can listen to the radio station in your home country when you are away.

The other new feature of Media Center is you can access your computer media data such as images, video or music through your TV that connected wired or wireless to the PC using the remote control. But this feature actually only available for the TV that support connection to Media Center which still limited and costly nowadays.

As usual Vista is meant to make life “Easier, Safer and Entertained..”
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