Sunday, June 10, 2007

Windows Media Center ( TV&Movie )

TV is very popular nowadays and all the TV’s shows are very interesting. Everybody don’t want to miss the shows, stay late at night only to watch a TV show when the next day they have to go to work or school, some children skip the class just because want to watch TV. Those all can found everywhere and it caused a lot of trouble, anyone knows the solution? No, stop watching is quite impossible for people addicted to the shows. Windows Vista is the solution! There must be a big question mark there, how can an OS solve those problems??

Windows Vista came out with a new version Windows Media Center, this Media Center allow user to pause, record, play and rewind the TV show. The only thing user have to do is plug the TV tuner to the PC and plug the cable from decoder to the TV tuner, that’s all. Easy? Of course, Vista always trying to make the user feel “Easy, Safe and Entertained”. In the Windows Media Center, user can set the time to record from TV channel and playback. So, why you still go to office or class with a sleepy face? Try to use this feature and you will feel the different. No more sleepy in office or class, skip class, and warning letter.


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