Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vista for Game

DirectX 10 arrive in the town!! directX 10 included in Vista! make your gaming life more live..

Vista's graphic not only good in the desktop but also game. Beside that, you can connect compatible Xbox 360's controller to your PC. Ask a gamers you may not want to missed this. Vista also bundled with new game inside instead of Windows old game such as, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Chess Titans in 3D and so on.

Flight Simulator

And more features are available for parents because not all the games are safe for their children. Parents can enable and disable some games by rating, means for Vista-based games there will be a rating for each games and parents can control certain user will not be able to access the game.

parental lock for games

Windows Media Center also allow user to play certain games from the TV that connected to the PC such as, Mahjong titans, Chess titans and others game that supported by Vista. So, everybody can savor the game..


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