Sunday, June 24, 2007


When you read the title "Tutorial", you may think what kind of tutorial I am going to talk about. The tutorial is "How to open a Windows Vista box?", funny? Yeah, this is funny! Many people said Vista is complicated and the way to open Vista's box is as complicated as way to operate the OS.

For the tutorial you can refer to this link:

They make this tutorial because quite a few people actually asking how to open the Vista's box so that they won't destroy the Vista's box. Vista's box is different from XP which XP do not have a hard cover box and with the box, Vista seems more elegant because some people just proud to have Vista's box.

And friend of mine that just bought a laptop bundled with Vista Home Premium said that he does not get any Vista's disc or box. And the shop where he bought said he only has to restore Vista when want to reinstall back. Big question there! Is it the box so nice until the shop also want to keep it??

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