Friday, June 1, 2007


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Using Vista and feel that your computer perform slower? Maybe there is problem with your computer hardware and the main problem usually is the memory. You may have not enough memory space to perform all your computer application that run at same time. As mentioned in my second blog in the Vista's hardware requirement, Vista need 2GB memory (RAM) to run smoothly. Many of users may not have update their computer for some reason, first reason of course the price of memory is not cheap. Users have to spend extra few hundred bucks for the memory which they spent a lot for buying Windows Vista. Second problem of adding another memory is the memory slot that limited. But Vista has predict all that problem and come out with ReadyBoost application which allow users to use USB flash drive to act as temporary memory.

Users only have to buy USB flash drive which nowadays is very cheap. After that without installing something users can use the USB flash drive as their memory.
As usual there will be a autoplay when a plug and play device being plug to the PC, and all that user have to do is click in the ReadyBoost menu and set the setting as they need and ReadyBoost is working. If the users do not use all the space of the flash drive as the ReadyBoost, left space can be use as space to save something. Other way to activate this ReadyBoost is from “My Computer” and right click on the removable icon, there is a ReadyBoost tab menu and users can do the setting from here.

So, think twice if u want to upgrade your computer memory that cost you hundred bucks. Why don't you try this new technology? That's all my post today..


(note: this is my second time typing this post cos i forgot to save the previous one while uploading the photo)

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Your Windows Vista logo as the background image is killing my mood and blocking me while I read your post! BTW, why is there a syntax error when i load your blog?