Friday, June 22, 2007

How to turn off Windows Vista??

Few weeks ago I saw my friend confused when she want to shut down the laptop that she borrowed for friend of her which using Vista Home Basic. Why she had a hard time to shut it down? All OS have shut down button, right??

After that I found out something wrong with Vista. There is a power button but it is use to turn the PC to sleep mode instead of showing the option box and let the users choose whether they want to shut down, standby, hibernate or just log off the user.

So, how you can shut it down?? There is a button which an arrow. When user point the mouse cursor to the arrow, a box will come out and from the box user can choose whether they want to shut the PC or Laptop down, restart, hibernate, and so on. It's quite troublesome for the first time user or user that just upgrade their OS even Vista's predecessors.

Here is a screenshot, what do u think about it? can you find out the shutdown menu if you are the first time user??

Shutdown Menu


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