Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Windows SideBar

Vista Sidebar Picture

From the title you all can know what is the topic for today right? So today's topic is about Windows SideBar. Maybe some of you all know about this and used before because there are a lot of software that allow users to download and install something like this Windows SideBar.

Windows Sidebar is actually and additional function of Windows Vista that allow users to put some gadget which is small application, for instance, date, time, live search engine, calculator and so on instead of having a window that only have a recycle bin on it. This application is quite new for "Window's Fans" but actually for Mac enthusiasts they may know it as Apple's Dashboard. Beside some standard gadget that build in the Vista, users can download additional gadget from Microsoft for free ( There are hundred of gadget that provided by Microsoft and still updating.

If u feel interested on it and want to try it in your Windows XP u can try
(I will not take any responsible if something happen to your computer)

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